The history of the area is rich. It was settled as a result of the arrival of the Loyalists,  Americans who remained loyal to Britain during the American Revolution. An additional group,  members of the Six Nations, who fought on the British side, also came to the area under the leadership of  Joseph Brant. This community continues under the name Tyendenaga Mohawk Territory. The street names in the Sandhurst area are almost all of  British origin, except in the subdivision. We are reminded of the War of 1812 by the names of Richmond,  Bathurst, Apseley, Wellington,  etc. Many of the British military decommissioned at the end of the Napoleonic Wars also settled in the area. Nearby Bath is named after Bath in England.

In the 19th century County atlases were produced for most of the settled areas in Ontario.

South Fredericksburgh 
from  Meacham's Illustrated Historical Atlas of Frontenac, Lennox, and Addington Counties, Ont. 1878.


"The Knolls" is located on the shoreline below the church closest to the shoreline.

"This township, in Lennox, is a fine old-settled part of the country bordering on the bay; it is well-watered, branches of the Bay of Quinte embracing it as if it were in one, Hay Bay running up and extending itself in its centre. It contains 40,125 acres, the greater part of which is in a high state of cultivation. Opposite to this and the other townships on the bay, stretches that beautiful, populous, and fertile district, Prince Edward County, the shores of which, with those of the township mentioned, render the scenery and beauties of this part of our country so deservedly celebrated.

The Bay of Quinte may, strictley speaking, be said to commence at Fredricksburgh, as there the real bay or arm of the lake begins. The traveller has now passed on his passage upwards the Upper Gap,and is fairly within the bay. The Upper Gap is between is between Amherst Island and Prince Edward County, the Lower Gap being at the eastern end of Amherst Island above Kingston. The whole extent of water sheltered by Amherst Island and the County of Prince Edward County down to Kingston is, however, generally designated the Bay of Quinte; the part above the Upper Gap being called the Upper Bay. The land is of the most fertile and productive description, and there are very few acres in the entire township which cannot be cultivated.

Along the margins of the bay there are some pretty residences adorned with beautiful and productive orchards, while in the interior of the township they are not less handsome and attractive. One of the fair sex has written thus in regard to this township, and it is no doubt true in every particular. "We approach Fredricksburgh: this too is a pretty place, on the north side of the bay; beautiful orchards and meadows skirt the water, and the fine basswood and willow trees grow beside or bend over the waves. The green smooth meadows, out of which the black stumps rotted long ago, show noble groups of hickory and butternut, and sleek cows are reposing beneath them, or standing in the small creek, that wanders through them to pour its fairy tribute into the broad bay."

Meacham's Illustrated Historical Atlas of Frontenac, Lennox and Addington Counties
Ont. J.H. Meacham & Co. 1878, p. 12.

Patrons residing in Sandhurst who paid in advance for a copy of Meacham's Historical Atlas:
Name  Date of Settlement Nativity
Philip Alexander 1861  England
H. P Claringbold  1857  England
Margaret Hopper 1841  Ireland
William Hill 1831 Ontario
James Mylor  1856  Ontario
Anthony Mylor  1855  Ireland
George Wright  1843 Ontario

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