VE3AFK SK 1970

"In 1969, Harvey Bell, VE3AFK, Frank Preuten, VE3FEP and Nels Gradeen, VE3GLK got together and personally mailed out invitations to about 50 amateurs in the area to attend a meeting about strengthening the club. Harvey Bell chaired this meeting and arranged for Phil Wesbury of the EMO to be guest speaker. He spoke about the need for trained radio operators in York County, and encouraged those present to reactivate the York North Radio Club. Those present unanimously agreed, and that evening, Frank Preuten, VE3FEP was named president.

Meetings were held every second month during the remainder of 1969-70, but nothing was planned to continue meeting in the fall, so in the late months of 1970, Harvey Bell once again called a meeting of all surrounding amateurs to see if there was enough interest to keep the club meeting more regularly. Again, there was strong support. Frank Rusholme was elected as president, and a schedule of meetings was arranged for the next couple of years.

Unfortunately, Harvey Bell did not get to attend any because he died shortly after this meeting. At the very next meeting of the group, in January of 1971, the club established the Harvey Bell Memorial Award to be presented annually to a member of the club who had made significant achievements in amateur radio; and in particular had made a significant contribution to the York North Amateur Radio Club. That award still carries on today."

Source: (April 9, 2009)


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